A Compiled Glossary (NEW)
Mystic the Cat
Monster the Cat
Puff the Cat
A Gold Giornea
The Donor Necklace
A Sienese Fop
Review: Italian Frescoes 1400-1470
Review: History of Private Life
A White Linen Doublet
An Azure Cloak
Halloween Renfaire Wench
Pink Gamurra
Red Dancing Costume
Golden Lily V, Feb 2004
Phreaknic 7, Oct 2003
Parthenon Trip
Belly Dancing Costume
Book Review: Birbari
Book Review: Herald
DragonCon 2003
Little Bit
A Burgundy Gamurra
Fools War, April 2003
Zoo Outing, Easter Sunday
Horses in Renaissance Florence
A Chalice Veil
Jacqueline Herald's bibliography
Jacqueline Herald's glossary

The Florentine Persona

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