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The Garb Closet

Her Side of the Closet

A Black Court Gown
Burgundy Linen Dress
Green Linen Dress
An Azure Cloak
A Florentine Necklace or Two
Fancy Beaded Belt
A Pink Gamurra
A Gold Giornea

His Side of the Closet

The Big Green Cioppa
Red Velvet Giornea
Green Cotton Giornea
Beige Satin Doublet
White Linen Doublet
Red Woolen Cap
Black Medici Woolen Hat
Green Doublet

Chalice Veils

How to tie Renaissance bows

More Garb Photos

SCA Costuming

Jewelry in the Italian Renaissance

Men's Garb in Renaissance Florence

Women's Garb in Renaissance Florence

Very Poor People in Renaissance Florence

Keeping Your Cats Off Your Fabric

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