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Florentine Links and Resources

Big List of Merchant Resources
It was getting big, so it gets its own page.

Farsetto Research
DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY visit this exhaustively-researched site. Gorgeous and well-written, with patterns and just about everything a costumer needs to make a great farsetto. A++++ site.

Kiara's Links
A nice selection of links to various Italian interests. I don't know where she found some of these, but they are good.

Ilaria Veltri's Easy Italian Renaissance Gown
A simple-to-construct gown with decent documentation.

Evolucion de la Moda Medieval
Fascinating page in Spanish. Lots of links to other 15th-century sites.

A Festive Attyre
The site is without question one of the best I've seen. There's a bit of everything late-period in here, from 15th-century Florence to Tudor, Elizabethan, and Venetian styles. Don't miss this one.

The Realm of Venus: Clothing in 16th Century Venice
Not Florentine, but even for that, one of the best sites one could visit for the subject. Site is beautifully designed, with tons of good pictures, commentary, and an excellent links page. A lot of stuff here is pretty applicable even to 15th-century Florentine garb. The owner, Bella, is a frequent voice on SCA-Garb and a very respected member of the Italian community.

Reconstructing History: Accurate Historical Garb
A wonderful chemise pattern can be found here. Fast, easy even for beginners, no intricate measuring to do, and historically accurate.

Middle Class Women's Renaissance Dresses
WONDERFUL site that takes just one subject and sticks with it to the glorious finale. Simple, easy-to-make dresses for basic middle-class girls/women, from bodice and skirt construction to sleeves and closures. Style is from a city midway between Venice and Florence, Ferrara, but completely applicable and of the right time period. Closure information is particularly useful, as there isn't a lot out there about the subject. Lots of portrait evidence here, including close-ups.

Italian Hair Taping
"Hair taping" is basically braiding one's hair with ribbon. A popular hair treatment for 15th-century Florence, it's fairly easy to do, and looks way snazzier than snoods or veils.

Festive Attire, not related to Festive Attyre above, has a bunch of links that will be of interest, including one to descriptions of fabric worn!

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